WWE Not Happy With Narrative That Superstars Are Wanting To Leave

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WWE has a ton of talent on their five rosters and they keep signing up more and more people. They don’t seem to be opening up much more room on the television shows for fresh faces though.

Dave Meltzer discussed the recent influx of Superstars requesting their WWE release on Wrestling Observer Radio. He said this is a narrative that WWE doesn’t want to get out which is understandable. However, it doesn’t seem to change the reality of the situation.

“There are a lot of guys who are good and they can’t push everybody so you’re gonna have people — especially now — even if I don’t make as much money or even if I make more money whatever I don’t have to be in WWE anymore.”

“It’s a narrative that WWE doesn’t want out though and they shouldn’t that people would rather leave for less money or if they can get more money elsewhere. Either one of those narratives isn’t a good one for them with the perception that they are the one and only major league and everything is indies.”

Perhaps WWE will be able to figure something out that will change any Superstar’s mind that wishes to leave the company. It might be worth trying anything they can at the moment before this situation snowballs and they demand something that WWE really doesn’t want to give them like a union.


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