Mandy Rose Is Still Obsessed With Jimmy Uso

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Mandy Rose and Naomi have been involved in a storyline that has actually breached the usual WWE TV-PG pattern. They involved sexting and then had a hotel room brawl. Things aren’t over between the two of them though.

Their hotel room brawl was a smashing success and went viral. Currently, it is sitting at 3.3 million hits on YouTube and they’re not done. WWE announced a match between the two on SmackDown Live this week and hopefully, it won’t get cut like Carmella vs Sonya Deville. Even though she has a big match on Tuesday, Rose seemed to be very preoccupied about who will be watching.

“Okay more important question… is Jimmy Uso gonna be ringside?”

Mandy Rose might want to know if Jimmy Uso will be at ringside, but Naomi replied calling her a “heffa” saying her time is up.

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