WWE Replaces Roman Reigns On Official RAW Graphic

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WWE is always moving, but they were not expecting to be losing Roman Reigns in October. The company had to change around a lot of booking, but they seemed to leave Reigns on the graphic for RAW on their company website.

Roman Reigns is no longer on the graphic which is sad to see. However, there could be something to who they replaced him with.

As you can see, Roman Reigns was front and center where he needed to be as WWE’s top babyface. Since he is no longer on RAW every week, he needed to be replaced. The very interesting part is how WWE seemed to reposition Reigns’ previous spot to put Seth Rollins out front, but they also added someone else to the mix.

Drew McIntyre is now included in the graphic for RAW. This is a big step up for him and could show that he really is getting a bigtime push no matter if he seems to be losing right now.

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