The Young Bucks are big part of All Elite Wrestling as Vice Presidents of the company. However, they had to turn down hefty offers from WWE in order to make their dream happen.

In the process, WWE offered The Young Bucks a six-month escape clause to their contracts meaning that they could leave after half a year if they didn’t like the way things were working out. This is something WWE never does.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that people in WWE knew about All Elite Wrestling and they also knew that the Khans weren’t going to carry through with this new venture without The Young Bucks. Therefore, WWE really tried to stop this promotion from getting off the ground so they offered Nick and Matt Jackson very interesting clause in their contracts because there is only so much money WWE could have been able to offer the Young Bucks.

“So if you look at the salary structure of WWE, I mean the idea that they’re going to offer them $2.5 million each. They could but I don’t think they’re going to. Those numbers are reserved for your John Cenas, I don’t even think The Undertaker… I think The Undertaker had $1 million downside.”


“The point of this is they could offer each Buck $10 million because that’s how much money they have, but they’re not gonna do that. So if you’re not going to upset the salary structure in that way, maybe you can say we’ll give you each $1 million, that’s your downside and then on top of that you can make all of your merchandise money and everything. They’re gonna think about that, but the other thing they have to consider is the sky is the limit in All Elite.”

“The sky’s the limit, they can do whatever they want in their matches, they’ll have a lot of freedom. You can look at all sorts of people that have gone to the WWE main roster and floundered. So what could you offer The Young Bucks besides money that would make them consider coming to the company? What you’re left with is, ‘Well, if you’re not happy in six months, you can leave.’ They still didn’t take that offer.”

WWE has a lot of Superstars that they must consider when offering a new contract. Because they want a climate with a salary structure and offering The Young Bucks insane money would upset that system. Therefore, WWE decided to offer something that they really never do which was an out to their contracts.

Of course, The Young Bucks didn’t take WWE’s deal. When you think about it, it’s possible that AEW wouldn’t have been a feasible option in six months too. So they struck when the iron was hot and All Elite Wrestling is going to happen and start with The Young Bucks as a part of the company. You can’t blame WWE for trying though.

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