Sami Zayn has been out of action due to suffering two shoulder injures which both required surgery. It appears he is on his way back, but as he spoke to Talk Is Jericho he revealed that he still has a couple of months to go.

Zayn was able to discuss two of his biggest fears about coming back to WWE. He doesn’t want to fall back in the usual grind of working the road and also doesn’t want to fall back into a mindset where egotism takes hold.

“One of the big things I’ve been working on in this time of reflection or introspection, whatever you want to call it, has been letting go of ego or not letting ego, egotism, sort of drive me, but I’m like, ‘oh man, how is this going to serve me in this company?’ [Jericho is] right. And I don’t know. I really don’t know. We’ll see. I haven’t overthought it, to be honest with you, because I have this other thing that I’m worried about, which is, ‘once you go back, you just fall into the same trap’ sort of.”

“So I have two worries. One is how is letting go of ego going to serve me in getting ahead in my career in the WWE bubble. I don’t really think it was a factor in my indie career as much. It was really just do your thing and talent takes you where it goes. WWE is a bit of a different animal. I haven’t overthought it.”

You really never know when Sami Zayn might surprise us all and make a big return. Hopefully, he’ll be able to come back fresh and rejuvenated. Zayn is a vegetarian now and living a much cleaner life. He also seems much more centered and happier now. Hopefully, that will mean a good combo upon his return to WWE.

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