Finn Balor Hints At The Demon’s Source

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Finn Balor doesn’t appear as The Demon much anymore. In fact, he said that he even forgets how to do the character since he doesn’t get to perform in the body paint as frequently as he once did.

He hasn’t appeared as The Demon yet in 2019 because WWE hasn’t let him wrestle yet this year on television. It wouldn’t make much sense to see Balor show up at a live event as The Demon even though that would certainly make headlines if he went down.

Balor recently posted a pretty epic photoshopped picture of himself clotheslining opponents over the top rope. The Demon is meshed with an image of his own as he commented saying:

“The source.”

This is a pretty strange tweet to send out and could border on being considered cryptic. Balor said that he wants to regain the WWE Universal Title in 2019, therefore becoming The Demon once again seems like an excellent way to pull that off.

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