Finn Balor Forgets How To Do The Demon Character Because He Rarely Uses It

Finn Balor doesn’t bring out The Demon very often and that might be a problem. Everyone loves The Demon’s epic entrance and all the additional smoke and mirrors associated with the character. Some might not realize that Finn actually moves differently while in this character as well. However, the fact that he rarely gets to put on The Demon makeup at this point presents a bit of a problem for Balor because he forgets how to do it.

Balor recently spoke to Not Sam Wrestling where he revealed that he never watches his matches back, but he has to brush-up when he is about to perform The Demon character. Since he doesn’t portray his alter-ego very often, he has to make sure that he remembers all the different steps.

“I do it so infrequently now that I forget how I move as The Demon. I forget the subtle differences in the entrance. I forget, like I forget the mannerisms that I used six months ago to represent how The Demon works so like every time I go back to The Demon I have to re-educate myself beforehand and kinda step into that zone, that moment.”

“Now when I go out there I’m Finn Balor, that’s just Fergal. Under all the layers, the leather jacket, entrance music, like you know an extraordinary man who can do extraordinary things like the human that goes out there. When The Demon goes out there I need to like transform like into a different person. So that mindset because it’s not, like I’m not tapping into it so often, that’s like a huge challenge for me then. Because I gotta figure out how to do that every time again so sometimes — Right now I’m very comfortable going out there as Finn, but when it comes to The Demon, I gotta re-educate myself again you know when I’m going out there so that’s kinda like an added challenge.”

“At the same time, it adds more mystique to it and makes it more special and I’m just happy how things are coming and here comes TLC.”

It’s always interesting when Finn Balor’s Demon character comes out. It adds an extra element of drama and importance to the match and you never know if we’ll see The Demon again at TLC against Drew McIntyre. If WWE could just arrange for The Demon to show up a little bit more often maybe Balor would have an easier time preparing for the match.

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Written by Felix Upton

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