Becky Lynch Calls Other Top Wrestlers Dopes She Wants To Slap

Becky Lynch had a pretty great last half of 2018. She is no longer the SmackDown Women’s Champion, but she could be in for bigger things so that’s okay.

The Man is always looking for a fight and a chance to prove why she’s still The Champ even though she lost her title. When Sports Illustrated published a list of great female pro wrestlers in 2018, Lynch took the chance to respond.

“Line up all the other dopes on this list, and I’ll slap the heads off them all.”

This list included a good arrangement of the top female wrestlers from 2018 from Becky Lynch herself to Jordynne Grace who we’re big fans of here at Ringside News. Either way, Lynch is welcoming to anyone else who wants to pretend that they’re even on her level.