Spoiler: Alexa Bliss’ New Role On WWE RAW Revealed

Alexa Bliss has been out of action for quite some time due to concussions. She’s taking things slowly when it comes to her in-ring return, but at least she’s remaining on television.

During the New Year’s Eve episode of RAW this week which was taped in Detroit, Bliss announced her new intention in WWE. If you’d like full spoilers for the show you can click here.

During the show which will air on Monday, Alexa Bliss announced that she will become a talk show host. She will make history as the first woman in WWE History with their own talk show segment. Her show will be called “A Moment Of Bliss” and Alexa’s very first guest will be Ronda Rousey.

Hopefully, Alexa Bliss will be able to make it back to the ring soon. In the meantime, it’s a great thing for her that WWE is keeping her relevant.