Rusev Gave Lana’s Father A Car For Christmas & The Footage Is Amazing

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Rusev wins the award for being the best son-in-law this Christmas. While some people get their father-in-law a pocketknife for Christmas, Rusev bought Lana’s dad a car.

Lana was able to capture the moment on video and it’s a pretty cool scene when Rusev is able to unveil this extremely generous gift. Then again, he gave Rusev Lana, so it’s a pretty good deal actually.

Lana wrote of the gift:

“When Rusev & I first met we talked about how we wanted to be successful so we could create better lives for our parents. We dreamed of buying them a car & house.
Today we bought & gave my Dad a car ! Merry Christmas Daddy ! We LOVE YOU ! “

“It’s more blessed to give than to receive!” Rusev replied. This was a pretty great Christmas on Rusev Day which is also Rusev’s actual birthday. We’re going to spoil anything but watch SmackDown Live tonight because Rusev has a pretty great Christmas/birthday night too.

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