Enzo Amore Gives “I’m Doing Great” T-Shirt To Homeless Man

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Enzo Amore is now NZO and his rap music is worth checking out, especially his single “Grace.” In fact, we’ll embed that below so you can hear it. He might be rapping now and he’s changed up his name, but he’s still the same Enzo Amore we’ve always known.

If you remember when he got kicked out of the Survivor Series, he was wearing a shirt that said, “I’m Doing Great” on it. It’s a funny answer to the WWE “How You Doin'” merch. He’s selling those shirts, but for one guy Amore compted him a t-shirt.

Amore uploaded a short Instagram video of himself cruising around when he ran into a homeless veteran who didn’t do drugs if you’re to believe what his cardboard sign said. It was hard for Enzo Amore to say no to a guy like that. So he gave him a t-shirt.

This is a pretty cool thing for the Certified G to do. Happy Holiday.


As promised, here’s NZO’s first single, a song he wrote for his grandmother called, “Grace.”

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