Enzo Amore Merchandising WWE Survivor Series Disguise

Enzo Amore had a big Survivor Series weekend even though he wasn’t on WWE’s guest list. But he still made himself a part of the show which made for a rare experience for some lucky fans in the 2nd row at the Staples Center.

Enzo’s disguise at Survivor Series was a pretty good one. After all, it only took fans around him around two minutes to recognize him instead of immediately. But it was still gave Hurricane Helms a pretty good chance to crack a joke.

Real1 knows how to market a good thing when it comes to him. So he’s cashing in on his Survivor Series stunt by selling a t-shirt with his disguised mug on it. It will apparently be availble on Black Friday, but in the meantime, you can buy the shirt he wore at Survivor Series for only $39.99.

This is a pretty bold move for Eno, but he’s no stranger to selling t-shirts from the amount of merch he used to move as a WWE Superstar.