The New Daniel Bryan Explains What He’s Fighting Now For In WWE

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Daniel Bryan said he felt like he was falling into a trap by going back to his old move set following his return from injury. He said when he made his WWE return he wanted to do a lighter ring style, but he was told that “people want to make sure you’re okay” so he was forced to go back to the moves he used to perform. Now as The New Daniel Bryan, that all changes.

Bryan said in a recent video from WWE that when the Old Daniel Bryan came back to the WWE, he was just so happy to be back that he wasn’t fighting for anything. The New Daniel Bryan has plenty to fight for.

He spoke about how social media is a trap and a young fan who feels betrayed needs to get over it. He said people aren’t going to like it, but maybe they’ll talk about it. Maybe they’ll think “he’s kinda a jerk, but maybe he’s right?”

Daniel Bryan is out to do a lot of things. Changing opinions is one thing, but most importantly he has something to fight for now. It also doesn’t seem to matter to him whether people like him or not while he does it.

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