WWE SmackDown Live Results – December 18th, 2018

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Daniel Bryan & Andrade Cien Almas vs AJ Styles & Mustafa Ali

Bryan got on the mic and said he killed the Yes Movement and he destroyed the house AJ Styles built. Then he said he’s about creation and he’s creating a brave new world on SmackDown Live. He said the fans won’t like it because they fear change. Then he railed on fans for consuming and destroying the very planet that gives them life.

He said the city of Fresno ranks #1 in pollution in the state of California and this got a pop from the crowd.

Styles and Almas wrestled first when we came back from commercial. Andrade nailed AJ with a back elbow that sounded very good and Styles sold it very well. AJ took control again and Ali got the tag to do a double stomp off the top rope onto Almas’ extended arm.

Bryan got the tag next and he kicked Mustafa down in the corner before Almas got the tag again to continue the abuse on the former Heart Of 205 Live.

Ali tried to hit a dive on AJ, but Almas blocked it with a Tranquilo pose. Then AJ kicked him down and assisted Ali in catching even more air on a dive to the floor on both heels.

Ali soon started selling as Bryan picked him apart. Then Almas got the tag and hit a splash while Corey Graves kept reading facts that Daniel Bryan probably handed him to read about reducing your carbon footprint.

Bryan started hitting Yes kicks and Almas yelled, “YES!” with each kick. Then Bryan locked on a bow and arrow submission on Ali which he transitioned into a dragon sleeper. Daniel Bryan is such a great wrestler.

Almas taunted AJ as he tried a Styles Clash on Ali, but Mustafi countered with a rana. Then Almas turned him inside out with a clothesline. Ali countered again and then got the tag to AJ. Bryan got tagged in too and AJ too the fight to Bryan.

AJ hit a neck breaker on Bryan for a two count. Bryan ducked under a Phenomenal Forearm and then AJ locked in a Calf Crusher until Almas broke it up. Almas got the tag and tried for a hammerlock DDT, but AJ sent him to the outside. Then Ali nailed a top rope rana to the floor on Andrade.

Bryan kicked AJ twice and knocked him down. Styles got a foot up in the corner and then he nailed a reverse DDT. Mustafa got the tag and hit a tornado DDT on Bryan before setting him up for the 054, but Almas slowed him down on the top. AJ hit a Phemonal Forearm as Ali nailed the 054 and pinned Daniel Bryan to get the win.

Winners: AJ Styles & Mustafa Ali


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