WWE SmackDown Live Results – December 18th, 2018

Thanks for joining Ringside News for the SmackDown Live results on December 18th, 2018. It’ll be a pretty fun show and you should keep refreshing as the night goes on because it will be updating.

If you want results for the Christmas Day tapings that are going on after the show, you can check back later because we’ll have that as well.

Tonight will begin the era of Asuka on SmackDown Live. She defeated Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch at TLC and we’ll just have to see what The Man has to say about that. I can only imagine it won’t be pretty. We put up an article yesterday about how upset Lynch really was after her TLC loss, you should check it out.

The New Daniel Bryan is still the WWE Champion so we’ll just have to see what his focus might be leading into the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Only time will tell how long Byran will be champion, but after one of the best matches of TLC, he’s off to a great start.

There are a lot of other stories going on in SmackDown Live, but everything could also change tonight after Vince McMahon’s promise on Raw of a New Era. Could Paige be out of a job because The McMahons will be running things? That is one of the biggest questions yet to be answered.

So let’s get right to it and if you’re reading this before the show starts, welcome. The reporting will resume once the show begins.

Opening Segment

Shane McMahon was holding a big meeting for the SmackDown locker room in the back. The mere mention of Raw caused everyone to boo. Shane said we’ll see a lot of new faces, match-ups, and opportunity. He said they’re listening. He said they owe this for the greatest fan base in the world. It’s hard to argue with that.

He said they need to not only reach for the brass ring, but grab it and rip it down. He said it starts tonight. Then he thanked their “former” General Manager Paige.

Shane said Paige is no longer GM, but she isn’t going anywhere. After that, the locker room chanted “Thank you, Paige” as the segment closed.

The Man Speaks… So Does Mr. McMahon

Becky Lynch came out to the ring and she was still incredibly over with the WWE Universe even without the SmackDown Women’s Title. Becky said she doesn’t do meetings so she’s out there. Lynch was focused on Ronda Rousey though and she said that she wasn’t going to let a Roddy Piper cosplayer take her title away from her.

Then Charlotte Flair came out and told her to take a number, in fact, take #2 and get behind The Queen. Asuka came out next and she looked good with the SmackDown Women’s Title around her waist.

Asuka said, “Forget Ronda, Asuka is the champion now.” Becky and Charlotte said that Asuka never beat her and then Vince McMahon walked out next.

Vince said happy holidays and congratulated Asuka. He said this behavior is unbecoming of Becky and Charlotte. He said that anything goes in a TLC match, and they were… her name was Ronda Rousey. He told them to get over it and then if they’ve got a problem, take it out on Rousey.

Then Vince asked Asuka if she’d like to defend her championship tonight. Vince asked, “Is anyone ready for Asuka?” Then Vince brought out Naomi.

Naomi said Becky was the man and Charlotte had her opportunities. She wants it, so he said, “Let’s have the match right now!”

Asuka vs Naomi – SmackDown Women’s Title Match

These two traded some kicks and then some roll-up pins. Then Naomi got caught with a stiff kick and Asuka took over as Becky and Charlotte remained at ringside sitting in office chairs.

Asuka maintained control and beat Naomi around the ring. She hit a missile dropkick that sent The Glow outside the ring. Then Asuka started kicking Naomi down until Naomi returned fire with a springboard kick off of the barricade.

The referee counted to nine and then they both slid into the ring. Naomi and Asuka traded stiff forearms and Naomi started firing away until Asuka laid her out with one powerful one.

Naomi nailed a kick off of the ropes and went for a split-legged moonsault, but Asuka got the knees up. Asuka got the Asuka Lock and Naomi got up with her on her back, but then Asuka got it back on, but Naomi fought out of it.

Naomi nailed the Rearview and nearly won the title on a close two count. Naomi went for a springboard move, but Asuka turned it into a codebreaker into the Asuka Lock for the submission win.

Winner: Asuka