Daniel Bryan’s opponent for the go-home SmackDown Live before WWE TLC was a 205 Live Superstar named Mustafa Ali. He might not be widely known to the WWE Universe yet, but that could be changing soon enough. He received a ton of praise from the WWE locker room for his debut performance on national television.
Mustafa was a guest recently on Chasing Glory where he discussed his career and what it’s like to be on 205 Live. He said they are starting to adopt a following and alluded to the fact that performing after SmackDown Live was killing their heat in a big way. People left early and those who stayed were spent from just sitting through SmackDown Live. He equated it to being an opening act following a headliner at a rock concert.
205 Live is populated by plenty of Superstars who use high flying moves to get their work done in the ring. When the subject was breached about the dangers involved in that style of wrestling, Mustafa didn’t see any more danger involved than in any other style. He also revealed that soaring in the air comes so naturally to him that he has no idea how he even pulls off his own aerial maneuvers.

“It’s kinda interesting because a lot of people will comment on it, ‘Oh, the high-flying stuff, it’s gonna catch up to you.’ I think any form of wrestling will catch up to you. There’s some guys that are really into strikes. You know you take enough strikes, you’re taking that gamble each night. It’s the same thing with doing a spectacular move to the outside.”
“I feel comfortable in the air, like me as a person. I feel very in control with my body. You can toss me fro the weirdest angle, I just know where I’m at, I can’t explain it. I do this maneuver, my finishing move it’s called the 054 and it’s a 450 splash but you’re going backward.”
“I’m sure my opponents aren’t going to be too thrilled to hear this but I don’t know what I’m doing up there. I literally close my eyes and I just jump and my body just takes over and thankfully, I haven’t hurt anybody, but if you ask me, ‘Hey, can you teach me, what is your mindset?’ Because people have a checklist — I jump and I tuck and I don’t know what happens and somehow I land where I land. I just know my body and I know what I’m comfortable with.”
“So people see these spectacular jumps or these nasty falls, but I feel in control so yeah, but I feel any form of wrestling is gonna catch up to you.”

Ali noted that he’s seen wrestlers injured from any variety of moves in the ring from the simplest to the most complicated. It’s not about a move sometimes either as simple wear and tear on a body can catch up eventually. Scott Dawson was put out of action for months after an injury he sustained by simply running the ropes during a match.
Pro wrestling is an art form, but there is a huge danger involved for the performers. They put their bodies on the line for a reason because they have the passion to entertain fans. As for any secrets that Mustafa Ali might be able to give concerning his own high flying act, he apparently can’t give much guidance because it just works for him.
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