Mustafa Ali Receives Huge Respect From WWE Superstars Following SmackDown Debut

Mustafa Ali might be on 205 Live, but he is the Heart of the Cruiserweight brand. He had a big chance to show the world what he can do last night on SmackDown Live, and he really grabbed the brass ring.

Ali wasn’t successful in defeating The New Daniel Bryan, but he took the champ to his limit. Following his match, Ali discovered that a few SmackDown Live Superstars were gathered to give him plenty of respect backstage. We previously reported that his 205 Live family were all gathered together as well.

Jeff Hardy, The New Day, and The Usos were there to give Mustafa Ali big props following his match. They talked about how good he is and really put him over complete with hugs all around.

You never know when Mustafa Ali might get another chance to show what he can do on national television once again. If I were a betting man 205 Live might have found their next breakout star.