Actual Reason For Recent WWE NXT Release

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Nick Miller was recently released from NXT which means the TM-61 tag team is no more. It’s a shame as they came into NXT previously known as the tag team called The Mighty Don’t Kneel.

Dave Meltzer reports that Nick Miller and his wife, who still lives in Australia, had a child in August and instead of coming back to the USA, he decided to stay in Australia with his family

It couldn’t have been an easy decision to make, but he requested his release, therefore it was granted to him.

It was said that the door is still open for Nick Miller’s return to WWE and at this point, his former partner Shane Thorne will be gearing up for a singles run.

Both Shane Thorne and Nick Miller had great careers in the Australian indie wrestling scene. It’s likely that Nick Miller will continue wrestling there and it wouldn’t be surprising if we hear about his career post-WWE.

WWE has expressed interest in putting up a WWE Performance Center and NXT product out of Australia. Therefore, both Thorne and Miller could have played key roles in NXT Australia in case that becomes a reality.

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