How Well Becky Lynch Merchandise Is Reportedly Selling

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Becky Lynch is one of the top names in WWE and she should be in the main event of WWE TLC along with Charlotte Flair and Asuka if WWE books anything reasonably. However, she might not be doing as well financially as some fans might first think.

Brad Shepard discussed Becky Lynch on Oh, You Didn’t Know and revealed that her top spot in WWE doesn’t necessarily mean that a ton of fans are spending more money on her name.

“Becky Lynch’s merch picked up with her surge as The Man, there’s no question about that, but her shirt merchandise does and I quote, ‘Okay.’ So her t-shirt merchandise does okay? Is that what a top guy does, top girl, The Man? A mainstream star with Conor McGregor? Her merchandise is okay? What?!”

Maybe it has to do with the fact that in spite of her push to the top of the roster, WWE hasn’t put out all that much new merchandise for Becky Lynch. Her “The Man” t-shirts are just block words on a black shirt and some fans might want more of a design or effort from the company to market her. Either way, it doesn’t seem like The Man is killing it in the t-shirt game as we thought she might be.

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