Naomi Calls Mandy Rose A “THOT”

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Mandy Rose tried to make up her own reason why her match with Naomi was scrapped from SmackDown Live last night. Of course, we previously reported how The Miz is actually taking the blame for this. 

Rose tweeted out a picture of herself saying: “The real truth is that I was too busy to wait around and had a photo shoot, something Naomi doesn’t know anything about. You should be glad bc I was going to embarrass you tonight SIS!”

The Glow obviously saw this and had to comment on the picture Mandy Rose decided to include in her tweet: “Oh wow another #thot shoot next time photoshop that wedgie out of your butt like you do everything else.”

In case you didn’t know, “THOT” is an acronym for “That Hoe Over There” which isn’t a nice thing to say at all. Apparently, Naomi thought Mandy’s recent photo shoot was a “THOT shoot.” So there you go.

It looks like these two still aren’t going to be settling this thing anytime soon.

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