Mandy Rose Reacts To Naomi Calling Her A Bootleg Eva Marie

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There are a lot of ways to get noticed in WWE and having a great social media war is one very good plan. Mandy Rose and Naomi are currently at odds with each other and it’s taken some pretty big turns recently that have escalated the situation.

Many Rose gave Naomi some grief for Asuka cutting ties with her on SmackDown Live. This was around the same time Rose also threw some major shade at one of her former Tough Enough castmates

.”I am not your sis! How can someone so beautiful on the outside be so damn ugly inside ? Keep it up #bootlegEva and I’ll finish snatching you like I was before,” Naomi fired back at Mandy Rose. That “Bootleg Eva” hashtag was pretty straightforward referring to Eva Marie.

Mandy didn’t let that sit for too long. She had to respond but didn’t see being compared to Eva Marie as a bad thing at all. “Aww you sound just like all these little trolls on here …You people have no idea what to do when you see real women like Eva and myself, except hate on em’… #SoOriginal.”

Something tells us that this isn’t the end of the fight between these two. It will be very interesting if that Bootleg Eva line will make it on WWE television considering the fact that she’s no longer with the company.

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