Nia Jax Destroys Hater For Being Born & Becoming An Internet Troll

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Nia Jax knows how to deal with a hater at this point in her career. She has enough of them after all. Since destroying Becky Lynch’s match against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series, Jax has become the most hated Superstar on the roster.

She recently tweeted out that she’s coming home tonight in San Diego. In six days she will get a chance to become RAW Women’s Champion and she plans on claiming what is rightfully hers.

One fan tweeted back to her saying: “Who cares?” This prompted a rather aggressive and personal shot from Nia Jax. “Is what your mom said when you were born…..that’s why you had to resort to becoming an internet troll,” she replied.

It looks like The Girl Who’s Not Like Most Girls can also do just as much damage to trolls through the internet as she can The Man’s face.

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