Indie Wrestling Company Issues Cease & Desist Order To WWE

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WWE is targeting a lot of indie wrestlers and at this point regardless of whether they have already made a name for themselves. This thirst for new talent on WWE’s part has caused them to tamper with some contracts in a pretty blatant fashion.

Recently on Wrestling Observer Radio, Court Bauer, owner of Major League Wrestling said: “I had guys at WaleMania approached by WWE people backstage in the green room about signing. I’m like ‘you can’t do that, I’ll give you a freebie, don’t do it again’. Boom, they do it again. I had to send a cease and desist to WWE, that’s called tortious interference.”

Bauer seems to have double-downed on his previous statements by notifying fans that things are still not okay between WWE and MLW.

“We brought in Garza along with Ultimo Ninja this past spring. They vanished, blowing off pre-tapes to meet across town with WWE Talent Relations and negotiate deals. Super talented guys but that was unprofessional and puts you on my do not disturb list. Sketchy move by WWE too,” Bauer wrote on Twitter.

Bauer is a former WWE writer, so maybe the company is keeping an eye on who he is bringing in because of his previous knowledge of the business. They obviously like something about MLW’s roster because WWE has also targeted former MLW Champion Shane Strickland even though he won’t be able to come in so soon due to a contractual issue with another company.

To make matters even more interesting, it seems like WWE doesn’t really care about this either.

We will keep you updated as we hear new information in this on-going situation. At this time you can probably expect a lot of new names coming into WWE soon enough, but how they got there might not be necessarily 100% legal to a certain extent.

Thanks to SE Scoops for the quote

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