As the WWE Draft approaches, anticipation builds among fans for the impending changes set to unfold starting on tonight’s SmackDown and the following RAW in the coming week.

The recent unveiling of the draft rules shed light on the process, revealing that the draft will consist of four rounds on SmackDown, with a total of 16 picks, followed by six rounds on RAW, totaling 24 picks.

Despite the rules being disclosed, according to a recent report by Fightful Select, talent within WWE, remained uncertain about the specifics of the draft process. They had not been informed about which brand they would be drafted to or any other details, aside from their upcoming bookings.

Furthermore, details about the draft method, whether specific stars would be drafted to certain brands or if a complete re-draft would occur, were also unclear. WWE Talent only learned about their draft pools when social media posts were made. As of Friday morning, several talents still awaited confirmation of their brand assignment but expected to receive the news later that day.


“As of Wednesday, talent that Fightful had spoken to had not been told about how the draft would work, what brand they would be going to or any other details, besides the upcoming bookings that were set in their talent relations app. WWE did not provide any insight into the method as to whether a few stars would be drafted to specific brands or if a full re-draft would take place. Talent found out when the social media post hit what day they’d be drafted to. By Friday morning, several talent did not know which brand they’d be headed to, but expected to find out that afternoon.”

With the talent reportedly having very little knowledge about their association with WWE shows moving forward, it is expected to garner genuine reactions from the WWE Superstars upon hearing their assignment to either RAW or SmackDown.

What are your thoughts on the current backstage details regarding the WWE superstars’ knowledge about the WWE Draft? Sound off in the comments!

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