Mojo Rawley Comments On Not Being On WWE RAW In Months

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Mojo Rawley came to WWE from the NFL and he didn’t do it to be a mid-card guy. He especially doesn’t want to be excluded entirely, but Mojo hasn’t been featured on RAW in months.

Rawley signed a long-term deal with WWE so he will likely be around for a while. He isn’t letting the fact he’s not been featured on RAW get to him though.

“Got rejected by every college I applied to. Earned a Masters at age 21 anyway. Given 0 athletic scholarships. Became a starter. Wasn’t drafted in the NFL. Signed 2 contracts anyway. The hard road will always be overcome. Haven’t been on Raw in months. Think that’ll stop me?” Mojo Rawley said.

Maybe WWE will have big plans for Mojo or they’re just holding onto him so hopefully, they can get Gronk to come in for a match. Either way, Mojo’s been through tough times before and he’s not going to let this get him down either.

After all, you can’t spell RAW without Rawley… or maybe you can?

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