Renee Young On Wanting Children & When She Could Have Them With Her Career In WWE

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Renee Young is WWE RAW Announcer and married to Dean Ambrose. Those two worlds are starting to mix a little bit more each week as Corey Graves continues to question Young about what her husband is thinking. She isn’t being asked about having kids though which is something that she is apparently asked about all the time.

Young said on the Regular Girls podcast that she is thinking about kids in her future, but she doesn’t know when she would be able to have them. One thing she doesn’t appreciate is everyone bringing it up to her as she explained:

“It’s a funny thing because in my head now I’m like, yeah I would like to have kids at some point. Like, I do want to do that, but like I don’t know when or how — I mean I know how if you know what I’m sayin’ — but, like, I don’t know time-wise how to fit that stuff in. Because it’s like yeah, as my career is also excelling and moving forward, it’s like when do you find time to do those things?”

“What’s crazy is like even if [Ambrose] and I talk about that, it’s like he’s obviously not in any rush to do that but it’s like he doesn’t have to be in a rush because he can be like sixty and crank out a baby. Ew, also I had a dream that my mom and I were both pregnant last night at the same time, how disgusting.”

Renee Young said she would be a cool mom, and that’s hard to argue with. She will just have to find the time in order to have a child, but Renee and co-host Stacey McGunnigle agreed that you never know when those big moments in life might come when you least expect them.

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