Big Cass was scheduled to take part in a House Of Hardcore event last night, but he had a seizure in the lobby of the Old ECW Arena. It was a very scary situation for anyone who witnessed it, and we are all legitimately concerned.
While the reason for Cass’ seizure remains unclear, Bryan Alvarez reported the events on Wrestling Observer Live where he detailed what happened with a little bit better clarity so we have more of an idea of what took place.

“Big Cass was at a House Of Hardcore event last night and he was scheduled to do something later on in the evening, I don’t know what he was gonna do, but he came out for I guess the intermission to sell stuff and as he was walking out, he collapsed, fell face-first, landed on his face, and had a seizure.”
“They called medics obviously, Tommy Dreamer was right there and Tommy Dreamer got in the ring later and said, ‘Say a prayer for Big Cass’ he said it’s not drug-related. He said it was a seizure. For people who were there, apparently, they put him on a stretcher, they took him outside and by the time he got outside he was talking to people, thanking them for their concern, but obviously they still loaded him in the ambulance and took him to the hospital so that’s all we know right now.”

At this time there are no new medical updates on Big Cass’ condition, but as soon as we hear anything we will keep you posted. This is a very concerning time and we are all worried about Big Cass’ condition as we continue to send our best out to him.
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