Naomi Suggests Insulting Christmas Gift For Sonya Deville To Buy Mandy Rose

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Naomi and Mandy Rose are going at it right now on social media. The Glow considers Rose a bootleg Eva Marie and things have escalated from there. We’ll just have to see whether or not WWE highlights this feud on SmackDown Live to any degree.

They’re working hard to get noticed on social media as the two throw bombs at each other. Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose’s longtime bestie also got involved to defend Mandy.

“Mandy could squat you and Eva at the same damn time! Strong and beautiful. PS don’t talk to my friend like that toots,” Deville wrote on Twitter.

Naomi fired back in a pretty unique way by suggesting that Sonya get Mandy Rose a red wig for Christmas so she can look just like Eva Marie with red hair and all. We’ll just have to see where this one leads next, but all of these references to a former WWE Superstar is pretty interesting.

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