WWE Possibly Had Employee’s Social Media Accounts Taken Down For Posting Spoilers

It appears that a WWE employee’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were taken down because they were posting spoilers during the Tribute To The Troops event. It all went down at Fort Hood on Tuesday afternoon, and apparently, WWE wants to keep it that way until the special airs. The Twitter account @LoveIt is no longer active and suspended and WWEDogMom on Instagram, who is the same person has also been taken down. Previously in the day, she was posting behind the scenes shots from Tuesday’s tapings.

The @LoveIt Twitter account previously had a description reading: Data Lady (@LoveIt) Analytics Nerd at WWE, Cancer Research Advocate. All opinions are my own and do not reflect those of WWE. Now it is suspended and no, “analytics nerd” wasn’t her official title with WWE.

We’re not sure what is going to go down during Tribute To The Troops, but it is very interesting that WWE would take this kind of action if that’s what happened. After all, plenty of people post RAW and SmackDown Live spoilers every time they record the shows earlier in the day when they’re in England or where ever. However, things might be different for employees of the company.

We just wonder what is going to happen with Becky Lynch because she is booked for a match at the event in a tag team with Charlotte Flair vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. We’ve seen the ring is set up with some kind of chairs for a possible segment, and then the former Absolution members apparently spoil the party. You can find that footage below.

One tweet at the @LoveIt account said: “Wait, where is #TheMan @BeckyLynchWWE’s belt and why is she tag-teaming with @MsCharlotteWWE? What the hell is going on!”

Another tweet, which is the last one at @LoveIt said: “I’m withholding judgment until full clips of this appear. We’re only seeing small snippets and pictures and should wait to see the backstory.”

We’ve also seen pictures of Becky and Charlotte preparing for a match in their ring attire, but other than that we have no idea what happens because WWE has kept those Tribute To The Troops spoilers on total lockdown like you need government-issued security clearance to know what happens before the special airs on December 20th at 8:00 pm on the USA Network.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Becky Lynch isn’t 100% cleared just yet. Her concussion status is okay, but she still has a broken nose to heal up. Nia Jax punched her very hard in the face.

Only time will tell what WWE is planning for Tribute To The Troops, but we will keep you posted if anything notable happens during the event. It’s just unfortunate if someone really got their social media accounts taken down in the process, especially if it got them in trouble with their employer.