Jazzy Gabert Reveals If She’s Still In Contact With WWE

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Jazzy Gabert didn’t sign a contract with WWE after her impressive appearance with WWE as part of the first Mae Young Classic. That didn’t stop fans from chanting “Please sign Jazzy” anyway.

Gabert spoke to The Mirror recently and revealed that she wasn’t at this year’s Mae Young Classic because of the neck injury which prevented WWE from signing her to a deal in the first place. She got corrective surgery and is good to go at this point, but it still seems to be a waiting game.

As for her impressive Mae Young Classic performance and the famous “Please sign Jazzy” chants, she said that it was a weird moment because she had worked so hard getting to WWE so those chants were a great bonus she never expected.

“The whole ‘please sign Jazzy’ moment was so weird to me. I mean, my heart has told me since I was a little kid that I belonged to WWE. I had some try-outs and they always said ‘no’ to me. For me, it’s my heart, it says I need to be in WWE and I think I’ll be the best version of myself competing for them.”

“For some reason, it never happened and then finally I got my shot and the first taping day was just so amazing. I said to myself that I may not be signed but this was my WWE moment. So, for the first match I was so happy and thought ‘this is it, my personal WWE moment, goal achieved. I can move on now’ and then on the final day of the tapings I was backstage, and someone told me I had a match but I didn’t know about it. So that was the little cherry on top.”

As for her relationship with WWE, it seems like another chance for Jazzy Gabert might only be a matter of time.

“I was at the Germany try-outs in Cologne. I was invited to watch it, not to participate. I was there for two days and watched the young talents and was able to speak to Paul Fair and Canyon Ceman, who are the also talent scouts for WWE. I could support some of my friends and stars I know from the independent scene. So, I am in contact with WWE and we will see what the future brings, I guess.”

You never know what could happen in WWE and with their global expansion, Jazzy Gabert could be a vital asset to them, especially in the European market. She is still in great shape and ready for the phone to ring, so WWE could still be in the future for The Alpha Female.

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