Footage Of Daniel Bryan Calling Kid Celebrating His Birthday “Stupid” After WWE SmackDown Live

Daniel Bryan is WWE Champion, but it didn’t come without a fair amount of change. Bryan is now “The New Daniel Bryan” and he is a vicious heel as well.

After trading Yes Fingers for angry verbiage about how humans are destroying the Earth, Bryan thought there was one thing his character needed last night on SmackDown Live. Therefore, when he spotted a kid in the crowd holding a sign proclaiming that it was his birthday, he called the young fan stupid.

“There’s a kid over there with a birthday sign. You know what, kid? It’s your birthday, congratulations, you’re stupid. Your parents should be very proud because on your birthday it got recognized that you’re stupid,” The New Daniel Bryan said to a kid in the crowd who was celebrating his birthday at the pro wrestling show.

Daniel Bryan’s new heel turn is pretty outspoken, to say the least. You have to give him some credit at least for going for the kind of heat that comes after telling a young fan that they’re stupid on their birthday.