Dolph Ziggler Could Be Working Under A Unique Contract With WWE

Dolph Ziggler is a former WWE World Champion and has continually proven that he is one of the best at what he does in the ring. Few have been able to touch his style and charisma, and even though it’s been said his contract was set to expire, Ziggler is still around.

It’s always interesting when WWE pushes someone who we hear might be negotiating a new contract, mainly because WWE is placing so much faith in someone they’re not sure will stick around. But as Mike Johnson explained on PW Insider Elite audio, Dolph appears to be sticking around by how he’s being used on television, but Johnson hasn’t heard an actual deal has been signed.

“Dolph Ziggler, it would appear he signed a new deal based on how he’s being used. But we’ve never heard that 100% that he has put ink to paper or pen to paper.”

Mick Foley worked his entire stint as RAW General Manager with a handshake deal. If Ziggler is doing the same by simply agreeing to continue his work with WWE without an actual contract, that would be interesting. But it looks like whatever kind of deal WWE and Dolph Ziggler have worked out, it’s good enough to keep him on television and on the road while he can still do as much stand up comedy as he pleases on the side.

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