Injured WWE NXT Superstar Returns To The Ring & Attacks Matt Riddle

WWE’s NXT brand has a bunch of Superstars who could very well become huge stars on the main roster. This is the reason why developmental exists in the first place. But now it looks like at least one previously injured Superstar is able to get back in the ring as Riddick Moss competed in his first house show

Moss suffered a torn Achilles tendon in May and had to undergo surgery. It seems like everything is good to go now though as he competed at a recent Jacksonville NXT live event on Friday night.

He returned to the ring and attacked Matt Riddle in the process to make his point clear that he was back to business as usual. This, of course, drew a huge amount of heat from a crowd that loves The King Of Bros.

But in the end, Riddle made quick work of Riddick Moss in a match later on in the night. But if I were a betting man, Riddick Moss and Matt Riddle could be a great match down the line in NXT.