Indie Wrestler Uses Bleachers As A Weapon During Hardcore Match

You never know what can happen when you buy a ticket for an indie wrestling event. This is the reason why they’re so much fun to go to, especially the lesser known ones. Because treasures like this can become part of the show.

The Resistance Chapter IV: Silent Night, Deadly Night took place in Summit Illinois where Shane Mercer decided to pull a “Terry Funk” and hoist the bleachers up into the ring to use as a weapon after pummeling his opponents with it on the outside.

If you’re familiar with the Terry Funk spot, it’s usually done with a ladder… but bleachers will work too. For once, it was a good problem to have an empty set of bleachers at an indie show.

Mercer is known as the Iron Demon, so maybe there’s something to that gimmick.