WWE Changes Date For NXT TakeOver: New York During WrestleMania Weekend

WrestleMania weekend is coming up in the first week of April 2019, but it seems like WWE is still figuring out just when they will be putting everything together. NXT TakeOver shows have historically been held on the day before a major WWE pay-per-view, but that doesn’t seem to be the case this year.

WWE has moved their upcoming NXT TakeOver: New York special to Friday, April 5th, 2019 instead of that Saturday. Therefore, the WWE Hall Of Fame will take up the Saturday slot. This is especially interesting considering how late the HOF can go sometimes which might give Superstars an even bigger reason to dip out early which really seemed to irritate Goldberg which caused him to call the Hall Of Fame “stupid.”

The rumor floating around is that WWE changed their TakeOver special do it didn’t conflict with ROH and NJPW’s G1 Supercard show at Madison Square Garden. That event is already sold out and taking place on the 6th. We have been unable to confirm that reasoning. But regardless of why it looks like fans in NYC won’t have to decide between TakeOver and the NJPW/ROH Supercard show now.

In WWE’s official notice about the swtich-up it was said: “WWE will be going back to its previous WrestleMania Week schedule with NXT TakeOver on Friday, April 5th and the Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony on Saturday, April 6th. We believe this better serves our fans.”

This is a very interesting decision, to say the least, and fans who have already bought tickets have been notified of the change.