Roman Reigns had to make a heartbreaking announcement on October 22nd where he revealed that he has been living with leukemia in remission for the past 11 years. The disease had come back, so he relinquished the WWE Universal Title and went home to concentrate on his health surrounded by his family.
The Big Dog recently made an appearance at his alma mater Georgia Tech this weekend and seemed to be in great spirits. It was great to see Roman with a smile on his face knowing he is battling leukemia as his treatments to eradicate the disease have started once again.
While speaking to Planeta Wrestling, Natalya revealed she didn’t know what Roman Reigns’ big announcement was going to be on that fateful night. She was told that there was going to be something going on that nobody wanted to miss in the first hour of the show and the backstage atmosphere was chilly as well as tense which gave her an ominous feeling which didn’t get any better once Reigns made his way to the ring wearing street clothes.

“That was really hard for all of us to be a part of that, and obviously way harder for Roman. Nobody knew as far as I knew that news was going to be delivered, Roman’s very private. We were kind of just told earlier in the day that there was something going on in the first hour of the show that we wouldn’t want to miss and everybody’s talking about it.”
“I remember that building being freezing cold and there was just this tension in the air all day long. When Roman walked to the ring I thought it was really weird he wasn’t wearing his wrestling costume, he was just wearing a shirt. I thought, ‘He has to say something serious.'”
“When he announced that he had leukemia and he had it for 11 years and it was back, everyone was just in shock. Some were in disbelief, some were crying, some people were just standing there frozen. Because Roman is our locker room leader, Roman is our Superman, Roman is the guy that all of us look up to backstage. He is like a general for us.”

Roman’s announcement helped Natalya realize that nobody is promised anything and life is fragile. This was a shocking announcement from Reigns, but she also had no doubt in her mind that Reigns will beat leukemia once again and make his return.
Only time will tell how long it will be until we hear The Big Dog’s music bust out once again, but wherever it happens, you can be sure that the crowd will pop like crazy after Roman Reigns is ready for his WWE return.

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