WALTER is going to be a big deal with NXT UK if his reputation has anything to say about it. The fact is WWE has been trying to lock WALTER down from wXw in Germany for quite a while but he just didn’t want to leave. Now that he has finally signed a contract with WWE, it looks like WALTER could be positioning himself to be a big name even if he’s not around very often.
Dave Meltzer explained the trials WWE had to go through in the first place to even get WALTER to sign with the company during Wrestling Observer Radio. He is an incredibly talented wrestler and at 31-years-old he has a lot of gas left in the tank. But the biggest issue with signing WALTER had to do with prying him away from his home in Germany which is apparently has a great fondness for and simply doesn’t wish to change that.

“We knew WALTER was going, it was just a question of when. WALTER’s a very interesting case because almost everyone I’d say I’m gonna guess but I would think that everyone on that [NXT UK] roster and everyone on the NXT roster, their goal is to get to the main roster and make the big money. That is not WALTER’s goal in life. WALTER could be on the main roster right now on top and he’s turned them down because he’s not interested.”
“He wants to live in Germany and he was not interested in going to Florida to go to NXT. He doesn’t mind trips to the United States but he doesn’t want to live here and he doesn’t want to do long tours here, come in for a weekend, that’s cool. But he wants to live in Germany. He turned down New Japan, you know they wanted him. He doesn’t want to do three weeks in Japan or anything like that. He wants to live in Germany, he had a lot of work in Germany. He was an employee of wXw, helped run their school, and he was very happy with his life.”
“The gist is that in WWE UK and probably again, it’s most likely there’s gonna be a German outlet — NXT Germany — and he’ll be the guy there. But the UK, he was working in the UK anyway so he’s gonna work based in the UK.”
“The way I had heard it months ago when it was pretty clear that he was gonna go was that he agreed that he would go to and he might come in for some weekends for NXT like he does already where he comes to the United States and does some stuff. Like he might build maybe some TVs and do a TakeOver. But he doesn’t want to live here and that’s his thing. So that’s his deal and maybe more will come out as time goes on.”

It is interesting to note that wXw is one of the few companies that NXT UK talents are allowed to continue to work for under some specific circumstances.
Meltzer also noted that WALTER is done with his indie wrestling commitments at the end of 2018 so he’s likely going to start with NXT UK in January which as it happens could be just in time for NXT UK’s first-ever TakeOver event on January 12th.
Only time will tell how big of a Superstar WALTER will be in WWE. But if he wanted to live in the USA, there is a big chance that he could have already made his main roster debut at this point and be making a lot more money than he is right now. However, that doesn’t seem to be WALTER’s style so he waited it out in Germany until the time was right to make a decision to finally sign on the dotted line with WWE.
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