WWE RAW Results – November 26, 2018

Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of Monday Night Raw!

Tonight’s show will feature the return of Seth Rollins’ Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge! These challenges are always exciting because anyone can show-up. That said, it seems likely that Dean Ambrose will rear his bald head at some point.

Braun Strowman will not be on tonight’s Raw, leaving something of a monstrous hole. In his wake however, Baron Corbin will, once again, battle Finn Balor. It’s unclear if Strowman will make the TLC PPV next month, so hopefully we find out tonight.

Also, there’s a tag team title match on Raw tonight, as AOP defend against Chad Gable and Bobby Roode. We’re going to see plenty of title action tonight, and let us know who you think will come out on top. Remember to download the Ringside News app, follow us on Instagram, and enjoy the show!

Monday Night Raw

Acting General Manager Baron Corbin is in the ring, alongside Bobby Lashley, Lio Rush, and Drew McIntyre. Corbin welcomes us to the show and says he hoped everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving, before saying they’re greedy.

Lashley says he’s thankful for all the beta males in the audience, who let him take whatever he wants. McIntyre says he’s thankful for the savage beatdown he gave to Braun Strowman. Corbin says he is right, that’s a moment in time that will live forever. That said, he wants to see the replay of it.

The fans are booing when we return. Corbin says he knows what everyone is thinking; after a beatdown like that, we won’t see Strowman for a very long time. Corbin says that won’t be the case because he has some pull. We see a video from earlier today of Braun Strowman sitting shirtless on a hospital bed. The big man says he’s in Birmingham, Alabama, getting his arm fixed – an arm that is severely bruised. He says he wishes he was in Milwaukee. Strowman then says that the surgeon has never seen an injury like his, but it will seem like a paper cut compared to what he does to the three of them when he gets back.

We’re back with Corbin and co. in the ring and the fans are chanting “get these hands”. Corbin says there is no way Strowman will be able to compete at TLC, so we’re looking at the new, permanent General Manager of Monday Night Raw. Corbin then talks about how he now has full power, and he will remember who has stood by him, and who hasn’t. Suddenly the lights go out in the arena and Corbin demands they come back. We hear the strum of a guitar, then Elias is sitting on the stage. He says he can’t believe that Corbin is General Manager, that anyone would do a better job. He says “Drake Maverick pissed himself and he would do a better job”. Elias says tonight he has to focus on Bobby Lashley, and he has a song he wants to sing about the big guy. Elias sings his song, in which he gets the entire crowd singing “Bobby Lashley sucks”. Elias then makes his way to the ring, where he will face Lashley, next!

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Elias Vs. Bobby Lashley W/ Drew McIntyre, Lio Rush, & Baron Corbin

The fans chant “Lashley sucks” as the bell rings. Elias and Lashley tie-up and Bobby forces him to the corner. Elias fires back with rapid chops to the chest but Lashley stops him dead with a knee to the gut. Lashley drives Elias to the corner, slams some shoulder tackles in, and then takes him down with a side headlock.

Elias fights to his feet but Lashley counters with a waistlock takedown. Lashley goes back to the headlock. Elias escapes, kick Bobby, then tosses him out of the ring. Lashley regroups with McIntyre and Corbin, but Elias dives through the ropes with a dropkick to Lashley that floors him. Drew yells at Lashley to get back into the ring.

Bobby gets back inside and hits Elias with a stun-gun on the ropes. Lashley stomps Elias around the ring and chokes him with his boot. Lashley connects with a clothesline and makes a pin attempt to no avail. Back to the side headlock. Once again, Elias fights to his feet but Lashley whips him to the corner. Elias counters with a back elbow, followed by a front dropkick in the corner. Lashley tosses Elias out of the ring, where Drew McIntyre stares him down. Elias gets back onto the apron but Lashley rams him into the ring post and he falls to the floor. Lashley poses as we take a break.

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We return to see Elias kick Lashley out of the corner, and follow up with a clothesline. Elias beats on Lashley in the corner until the referee separates them.

Elias ducks a clothesline and knees him in the face. Elias goes to the top rope and drops an elbow. While the referee is counting the pin, Lio Rush pulls him out of the ring. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner Via Disqualification: Elias

Corbin grabs a microphone and says he’s restarting the match as a No Disqualifications match.

No Disqualification Match

Elias Vs. Bobby Lashley W/Lio Rush, Drew McIntyre, & Baron Corbin

Lashley attacks Elias from behind and shoulders him in the midsection. Lashley goes for a move, but Elias gives him a back body drop. Corbin pulls Elias out of the ring.

Elias shrugs Corbin off, then sidesteps McIntyre, sending him into the ring post. Elias grabs his guitar and goes to hit Lashley, but Corbin attacks him from behind. A loud “Corbin sucks” chant picks up. Lashley stomps the guitar and throws it out of the ring.

Corbin, Lashley, and McIntyre are in the ring. Corbin hits Elias three times in the back with a chair. McIntyre sends Elias into the barricade and apron. Lashley joins in as well. McIntyre then lays Elias out with a Claymore Kick on the floor. McIntyre then gives Elias an inverted Alabama Slam onto the steel steps!

Corbin and McIntyre then lift Elias up and hold him, while Lashley runs around the ring and spears him! Similar to Strowman last week. Lashley poses before putting Elias in the ring. Lashley poses before kneeling on Elias to pin him.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Lio Rush grabs the microphone and announces ‘The Almighty’ Bobby Lashley” as the winner. Lashley poses with Corbin, McIntyre, and Rush.

Baron Corbin will take on Finn Balor later tonight. We’ll also see AOP defend the RAW Tag Team Championships against Bobby Roode and Chad Gable. Seth Rollins will also have an open challenge for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Coming up next, we’ll hear from Dean Ambrose’s personal physician, which Cole described as “disturbing”.

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Baron Corbin is yelling at a stagehand for turning the lights off for Elias. Corbin fires him. Alexa Bliss then walks up to him and says Corbin was very impressive. Bliss says she thinks Corbin is doing an amazing job. If she can help, all he has to do is ask. Corbin says he has a ton on his plate. She played a vital role as captain of the Survivor Series team. Corbin puts her in charge of the entire Women’s Division. Corbin says she looks good and he looks good. It’s that simple. They shake hands and the rumours of Bliss transitioning to a more GM role were true.

We get a video package chronicling the Ambrose/Rollins rivalry. Dean Ambrose is shown in a doctor’s office. Ambrose says he’d never expose himself to the toxic dump that is Milwaukee. Obviously Seth Rollins feels safe enough to put his Intercontinental Championship on the line in an open challenge. Ambrose says he’ll be back next week. Ambrose is getting a flu shot right now. The people are vermin. They revolt him. Ambrose shows off his puncture wounds so far from shots he’s received. The doctor gives him a rabies shot. The doctor then holds up a huge needle that has to go in Ambrose’s hip. Ambrose says there is no medicine for Rollins. Ambrose says he’ll do the decent thing and put Rollins out of his misery for good. The commentators ask Renee Young about her husband, Dean Ambrose, but she says they know as well as her that he’s “complicated”. Her on commentary is the most confusing part of this story-line, considering she has to pretend like she doesn’t speak to him everyday. What a crappy, and cheap-heat seeking promo that was.

The Lucha House Party makes its entrance. They’ll be in action, next, all three of them, I assume.

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Lucha House Party Vs. The Revival

We’re getting a repeat of last week, in which one of the best tag teams in the world jobbed out to some ridiculous new fad that will no doubt be over in a few weeks.

We’re starting with Gran Metalik and Dash Wilder, with Kalisto and Lince Dorado in the former’s corner. Metalik quickly takes Wilder down and tags Kalisto. The former Curiserweight Champion hits a splash, followed by Lince Dorado, and Metallik with splashes of their own for a near fall.

Dawson tags in and hits a torture rack backbreaker. Dawson attacks Kalisto for a one count. Wilder applies a stretch on Kalisto. Dawson tags in, but The Lucha House Party soon overtakes him. Kalisto hits Salida del Sol, followed by a senton from Metallik, and a shooting star press from Dorado for the win.

Winners: Lucha House Party

There are no words.

Replays are shown of Nia Jax breaking Becky Lynch’s nose a few weeks back. Nia Jax will give Ronda Rousey a lesson on being a champion, next!