CM Punk Takes A Shot At Donald Trump While Making Great Pun

CM Punk is a pretty outspoken individual and he’s never been shy about speaking his mind. In fact, it’s gotten him in quite a bit of trouble a time or two before. But when the Second City Savior has a chance to throw some shade at the current US President Donald J Trump, he’s not passing up on that opportunity either.

NBC New York ran a story about a bear who was captured on camera standing on his hind legs. This bear then turned a door handle and walked into a California Highway Patrol Facility.

When CM Punk saw this story, he couldn’t help but comment: “Make him the president. The one we have now is unbearable.” It was also quite punny.

It looks like CM Punk is going to keep saying whatever he wants which is exactly why his upcoming role as an MMA commentator should be exciting for everyone who is a fan Punk’s unique brand of humor.