Lars Sullivan Calls ROH Wrestlers “Vanilla M*dgets” & Vastly Overrated

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Lars Sullivan had the time of his life spouting off on a bodybuilding message board a few years ago and in a classic example of what you say online could haunt you for the rest of your life, it looks like Sullivan’s comments have been discovered and some of them aren’t very enlightened.

In one post about pro wrestling, Sullivan gives his opinion of Ring Of Honor pro wrestling as he called them “vanilla m*dgets” and said that they’re just running around bingo halls. It would be interesting to see if this opinion changed at all seeing how he jumped straight to WWE’s developmental system.

“ROH is vastly overrated by the IWC. Bunch of… ROH is vastly overrated by the IWC. Bunch of vanilla midgets running around doing bingo hall shows. No thanks. I’d rather watch legit shows, not some kind of underground show with uncharismatic…”

Lars Sullivan is set for a big push on the WWE main roster upon his debut. Hopefully, he will be a heat magnet because if his days on that bodybuilding message board have shown anything it’s that he can be quite outspoken.

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