Possible Reason Why Shane McMahon Made No Big Changes On WWE SmackDown Live

Shane McMahon wanted to win Survivor Series so badly because his sister Stephanie McMahon wouldn’t let him hear the end of it. He promised that some things were going to change this week, and they planned a State Of The State address on Miz TV. But nothing really came of that except for a tag team match where The Miz lost to a jobber team.

Mike Johnson speculated on PW Insider Elite audio that WWE’s reasoning for holding off on any real storyline advancements post-Survivor Series might have been due to a couple different reasons.

“Maybe they’re skipping a week because of Thanksgiving and they don’t want to start a new storyline while they think people are going to be distracted by the Holiday week. Maybe they were just burnt out by the end of Survivor Series weekend, I honestly don’t know but SmackDown was beaten down so bad at the Survivor Series pay-per-view that the natural evolution of that story would be that something has to change on SmackDown, but nothing did. But they followed up with a show that was mostly goofy stuff.”

If Fox executives were really backstage for SmackDown Live, hopefully, they were impressed. But if I were a betting man if they don’t want comedy on the Fox network come 2019, then we might want to remember these goofier episodes from the blue brand while we can and enjoy them if you want to. But for whatever reason, this episode seemed to be a placeholder in many respects.

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