Xavier Woods Trolled Survivor Series Kickoff Show Snub On SmackDown Live As Possible Dare

Xavier Woods is a very smart man which is why he has a PhD, but he didn’t see much sense in WWE ignoring SmackDown Live’s kickoff show win at all. After all, they fought hard in that match (even though The Usos actually won it for the blue team).

But on SmackDown Live, before their Thanksgiving Feast Fight with The Bar and Big Show, the longest-running Tag Team Champions in WWE history were dressed as pilgrims which was appropriate attire considering the holiday. Except, Woods had “6-1” written on his shirt.

While it’s unclear whether or not Woods actually saw this tweet before going on to national television or not, one fan tweeted at Xavier saying: “I dare Xavier Woods to wear a ‘SmackDown 6-1’ shirt tonight.” They also used the hashtag #NoCleanSweepForRAW.

Woods replied after all was said and done saying: “Dare completed!” This was a pretty good dig at the kickoff show booking and especially how WWE handled it for the rest of the night to keep up the narrative that RAW was winning the show with a clean sweep, even if Woods got the idea from elsewhere. Still, it’s interesting that WWE is addressing the controversy or at least allowing New Day to poke fun at it.