Enzo Amore Roughs Up Fans On Stage WWE Style During LA Concert

Enzo Amore can promise fans a lot of things if you come see one of his live shows. He raps, tells jokes, and he even clotheslines people on stage.

On fan might not have expected to take a clothesline from Amore on stage at the Whiskey A Go Go, but that’s exactly what happened. Because The Realest Guy In The Room gave him a clothesline just like he never left the ring.

Later on, he pulled off a spot with fans where he arranged a double DDT to be delivered thanks to his own version of a Superkick. The crowd loved it, but I’m not too sure those guys were properly trained.

Of course, this was planned (hopefully) but after his stunt at WWE Survivor Series, you would have not only expected more people to show up but you would also hope that this clothesline spot was agreed to beforehand.

Either way, it made for a pretty fun little spot during Enzo’s highly promoted show at the Whiskey A Go Go.