Edge lit up the WWE for 15 years and became a 7-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion in the process. But his days are over after his 2011 retirement because his neck was shot and spinal stenosis meant the Rated R Superstar had to hang up his boots for good. He will never wrestle again, but in the time he spent in the ring working in front of millions of people around the world he made his name one-of-a-kind.
The 12-time WWE/WCW Tag Team Champion recently spoke to Inside The Ropes where he revealed that he thinks Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey will main event WrestleMania which is an angle he was able to influence in some ways.
SmackDown 1000 saw the return of Edge for a one-off appearance where he poured his heart out for Becky Lynch while trying to convince her not to turn heel only to have her insult his injured neck in return. Of course, it looks like WWE has strayed away from a heel Lynch seeing how The Man is arguably the most popular member of the WWE roster right now.
But that something special was needed for Edge to make a return because as he explained, he’s not coming back to just play poker with the boys in a backstage segment.

“The reason I was listed and announced and then unannounced is because they didn’t ask me. They just announced me and I went, ‘Hey guys I’m not gonna show up unless you tell me what the creative is because when I do come back I want it to mean something. I want it to be able to further something. I want it to help a current character on the show. There’s nothing wrong with this, but I don’t want to just be the comedy pre-tape in the back. I don’t want to just be a guy playing the APA card game — hey, it needs to be there. We need to hear Ron Simmons say, ‘DAMN!’ So I get it, that has to be there and it should be there. I just want, when you see Edge come you say, ‘Oh something is going to happen,’ I still want that to be the case.”
“So how can I help put a current talent over? I can’t do it physically, they won’t allow that, and that’s fine. What I can do is tell some kind of story with my promos and somehow further along for instance, with Becky and Charlotte. They told me it was with Becky and Charlotte and I’m like, ‘I’m there, great!. I’d love to be involved.”
“Then I put the thinking cap on and start coming up with ideas. Okay, how does this make sense? How does the character of Edge related to the character Becky and Becky to Edge? There are a lot of similarities, cool. I can take it and run from there and then sit down with Becky and Charlotte and hash it out and have some fun with it. The end result being I’m watching the Evolution pay-per-view because my wife’s doing commentary on it and I see the opening package of the match and I was the only one that spoke during the package of the match. I’m like, good, this is now helped this program. That’s kinda my criteria when I come back.”

Edge is doing his own thing and has a career in acting, podcasting, and fathering outside of pro wrestling. So when he comes back to WWE for any reason, it’s good to know that he wants it to matter so it’s taken seriously.
It’s also a great thing WWE was willing to accommodate Edge’s request as well because it resulted in some pretty great television that did matter down the line when telling the story into WWE Evolution. Only time will tell when Edge does return to WWE, but if it happens you know that it’s worth tuning in for.

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