Becky Lynch can’t compete at WWE Survivor Series because of a broken nose and severe concussion that she suffered thanks to a punch from Nia Jax during the SmackDown Invasion of Raw. Needless to say, WWE had a lot of options to go with.
Dave Scherer said on PW Insider Elite audio that he heard there was talk within WWE of taking the title off of Becky Lynch so the Survivor Series match could remain a champion vs champion encounter. Thankfully, WWE went another way with their decision.

“Vince McMahon and Triple H were both not at television yesterday so when Becky had you know the situation they were running around with a bunch of different ideas yesterday. Say what you want, but without the top two people there [Vince and Triple H] there was a lot of ‘What should we do?’ and ideas being thrown around. Some of which I heard which if true were totally ridiculous.”
“At the end of the day what they decided to do was the smart thing. I’ve heard there was talk of taking the title off of Becky which would have been stupid for a number of reasons.”

He pointed out how Lesnar held the Universal Title and didn’t defend it within 30 days so that sets a precedent where you don’t have to take the title off of a champion because they can’t compete for a short time. Thankfully, Becky Lynch kept her title and after such a long journey to get the title on Lynch, they decided to simply give the Ronda Rousey match to Flair and keep the title on The Man.
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