WWE Has “Legitimate Concern” About Clearing Alexa Bliss To Compete

Alexa Bliss hasn’t wrestled in a long time and took a bump at a house show causing her to miss WWE Evolution due to a concussion. The sad fact is that she’s had multiple concussions and now she’s sitting on the sidelines. But at least she is still being worked into storylines on television.

Mike Johnson went on to discuss her situation more thoroughly on PW Insider Elite audio and at this point, it looks like WWE isn’t going to rush her back to the ring because there is legitimate concern about clearing her for a return.

“There is concern about her physically. She’s had a number of concussions. They feel that there have been too many in too short a time and so she’s not gonna be back in the ring anytime soon. They’re not going to put her back in the ring until she’s medically cleared.”

“If that means 2 weeks, 2 years, 6 months I don’t know but I am told that pretty much they are going to find things for her to do to include her in the mix without having to take any physical punishment because they want her to be careful and they want her to be cautious with her.”

“So the story that she’s been set out for good, I haven’t confirmed that yet speaking to anybody. But there is certainly at least legitimate concern that she’s not going to be back anytime soon in a physical role. That can change with one medical appointment. But as we saw with Bryan Danielson in the past, it could be an extended time that she’s going to be out we’ll wait and see.”

Bliss did send out a meme recently along with a message that she’ll be back. But only time will tell how long it will really be until WWE is comfortable getting her back into action. Hopefully, it will be soon but as long as she’s on television and involved in storylines, that should give fans an idea about her current job security.

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