Alexa Bliss Comments On WWE Retirement Rumors

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Alexa Bliss is out of action right now and as we previously reported, she is suffering from some concussions. But just because she can’t work doesn’t mean she won’t be able to travel on the road. Bliss is still booked for upcoming events, but it seems that she finally felt the need to comment.

Rumors of Alexa Bliss being forced to retire at 27-years-old have flooded the Internet Wrestling Community. We haven’t reported any of those rumors because it was confirmed to us that this is not the case. Now Bliss is commenting on her situation to give fans even more assurance.

Bliss saying, “I’m not going anywhere,” is really comforting for fans of hers who would have otherwise assumed a retirement might be in her imminent future. But apparently, that isn’t the case. Although she didn’t specifically say that she’s not retiring this is certainly positive news for The Five Feet Of Fury.

After all, the Terminator character that she picked for the gif in her tweet is famous for saying, “I’ll be back” and that’s exactly the message she was trying to convey. So thankfully, it looks like we won’t be forced to endure another sad early retirement speech this time around.

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