Joey Ryan is best-known for his infamous YouPorn Plex, but his momentum might have been squashed due to an unfortunate injury. As we previously reported, he has already been required to cancel some dates.
Dave Meltzer expanded on Ryan’s issue during Wrestling Observer Radio where he explained how this is not only terrible timing (as if any injury could be good timing) but he also explained the especially unfortunate circumstance Joey Ryan is in as an indie wrestler who’s income is based on his ability to work.

“Joey Ryan is going to get examined Monday? I was in contact with him. So he thought he had a torn pec. If you look at what it looks like it’s exactly like Triple H with the terrible bruising. It probably is a torn pec. The one thing that made him really happy is he has a full range of motion so he’s hoping it’s not a torn pec.”
“He saw his doctor and his doctor told him that based on this scarring, it’s probably a torn pec. So he’s going to have to make a decision on whether he’s going to need surgery this week or not. For him on the indie scene, it’s different than WWE where you’d just get the surgery. On the indie scene, the reality is that you know — Joey Ryan makes a nice living as a wrestler you know. He’s not getting super rich but he certainly makes a living. It’s a funny thing too because you know Joey Ryan works an incredibly safe style but he still got hurt.”
“With Joey Ryan, it’s like if you get the surgery and you’re out six months. I mean it’s going to be pretty tough to make a living so that’s a big drawback of this situation. I mean I believe he probably will get the surgery, that’s just my gut on this one.”

Joey Ryan isn’t under contract with any company at this point except for Lucha Underground and as we previously reported that show might not be back either. As an indie wrestler, it gives him tons of freedom, but it won’t help him with healthcare let alone promise him a downside guarantee. Hopefully, Ryan will be okay but at this point, we’re crossing our fingers for the King Of Dong Style.
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