WWE Crown Jewel was an event full of surprises. If Hulk Hogan’s WWE return and Brock Lesnar’s squash of Braun Strowman didn’t surprise you then Shane McMahon entering the World Cup Tournament to claim the title of Best In The World probably did get the job done to swerve you.
This was not a typical event and besides from the fact that it took place on a Friday at noon for fans in the eastern time zone — it took place in Saudi Arabia. Only WWE couldn’t say “Saudi Arabia” so they simply referred to Crown Jewel like it was the event’s location.
The main event of the event consisted of the much-anticipated in-ring return of Shawn Michaels as he competed alongside Triple H to form a much older and wiser DX without crotch chops — but they had glowsticks! Kane and his brother The Undertaker were their opponents and yes, Taker’s entrance was very well produced with multiple gongs, plenty of smoke, and lasers.
They took their time getting to the action but that should have been expected with 4 veterans in the ring. Shawn Michaels also had a much different look with a bald head but he matches with Triple H very well.
The crowd was chanting “This is awesome” before they even started as Triple H and Kane kicked things off for their respective teams. Michaels soon took the tag and chants of “You still got it” filled the stadium before Kane tagged in The Undertaker and he slowly got in the ring.

Taker soon had HBK right where he wanted him and applied some punishment by working on Shawn’s arm before going for an old-school but Triple H got involved which soon brought Kane back in. Taker launched Shawn into the corner and he flipped around into a tree of woe just like old times and Triple H soon went over the turnbuckle in his signature way to follow. This was a cool nod to the members of DX’s unique ways that they sell an Irish whip into the corner.
One thing that was apparently in this match was that Shawn Michaels was able to pull off some pretty notable spots that he made signatures during his previous career with WWE. He kipped up, he hit an elbow drop off the top on Kane, and he tuned up the band just like he used to — of course, Kane reversed that Superkick attempt with a chokeslam.

Then The Undertaker cleared off both announce tables at ringside — the English and Arabic. After a little melee at ringside, He tried to hit a tombstone on Shawn, but Triple H broke it up. Kane ended up chokeslamming Triple H through the English announce table to take him out of the match while Taker worked on HBK.
HBK was left by himself to take abuse from both opponents while ringside medics tended to Triple H after taking that brutal chokeslam. Michaels sent Undertaker into the ring post and got back in the ring after being pulled out by the Dead Man. Then Shawn and the Mayor Of Knox Country Tennesse battled on to get to the top rope where Shawn knocked Kane down and his mask came off hair and all.
This led to Shawn hitting both Undertaker and a maskless Kane with a moonsault from the top rope.

Suddenly, Triple H was back in the ring and he took on Kane who was able to get his mask back on at that point. It’s a good thing his mask didn’t come off 20 years ago or that would have killed a huge storyline later on.
The Undertaker took the tag and soon took a Pedigree and even though Kane tried to stop him. Triple H sent him to the outside just to get caught in a Hell’s Gate from Taker. Kane took a Superkick fro HBK that sent him on top of Taker causing him to break the submission hold.
In the end, Shawn put his thumb in Kane’s eye when the Brothers Of Destruction were going for double Tombstones and then Triple H hit a Pedigree as HBK nailed a Superkick to win the match.
It was a fitting ending to a very unique event. Only time will tell what kind of special event WWE will be able to put on after this, but WWE Crown Jewel is in the books and had nostalgia written all over it.

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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