Roman Reigns had to make an incredibly difficult announcement on Raw this week as he pulled away his pro wrestling persona and admitted that he had leukemia and it was back. He had to relinquish the WWE Universal Championship and after receiving sea of hugs backstage, he exited the building.
Dave Meltzer discussed Reigns’ situation on Wrestling Observer Radio where he said since we son’t know exactly what type of leukemia he has, it makes it harder to tell what he’ll be dealing with or the odds it will come back. Since Reigns is so young, just 33-years-old, the odds are probably higher that it will resurface again although Meltzer did note that he’ll have to ask around about the exact numbers.
WWE obviously needs to make some changes and it looks like they started to go that direction this week with Elias turning babyface and Dean Ambrose turning heel, but Meltzer continued to talk about when Reigns would have received the devastating news that the leukemia was back.

“Obviously they got the word probably before Friday because he was supposed to be back on the road by Friday so that explains obviously why he wasn’t at the house shows. He was at TV last Monday so the diagnosis should have come in the last 6 days.”
“I know during the day when there were different stories out about him and I was asking around the response was: ‘It will be addressed on the show.’ So I thought it was an injury, I didn’t think it would be this.”

Hopefully, Roman Reigns will be able to get leukemia behind him once again and beat it for good this time. This is a very bad situation and only time will tell how WWE will fill his spot on the roster, but they obviously didn’t have a lot of time to plan for Reigns’ exit because this is the kind of news you never see coming.
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